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DALTON setup script fails to run with Python 3

Posted: 10 Jun 2017, 14:36
by ankit7540
Dear developers,
I tried to install DALTON on a new system and could not run the setup script. It gave error as following

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File "./setup", line 364
    os.makedirs(build_path, 0755)
SyntaxError: invalid token
Since my system runs Python3 and I was able to understand this error, I changed to Python 2 and moved on with my installation. Will it be possible to include the functionality for the setup script to be usable with Python3 as well.

Likely changes for Python3 would be on line numbers 364, 431, 480, 387, 208 and maybe more.
For line 364 0o755 is needed in place of 0755
For line 431, (msg) is needed in place of msg
Others I am not sure.

Thanks for your time.