TPA Relative Photon Polarizations

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TPA Relative Photon Polarizations

Post by hodnym » 07 Apr 2020, 00:05

Hello, when calculating two photon cross sections, I get mostly what I need in terms of cross sections and energies. But, it yields a result for linear and circular polarizations. I have looked, but cannot find an answer on whether or not the linear polarization is where the two photons are parallel or perpendicularly polarized relative to each other. Below is my input file and a summarized output.

15 0 0 0

| Two-photon absorption summary |
Sym No Energy Polarization Df Dg D sigma R
1 1 5.54 Linear 0.667E-14 0.642E-14 0.390E-13 0.879E-15 0.65
1 1 5.54 Circular 0.667E-14 0.642E-14 0.252E-13 0.568E-15 0.65

Thank you for your time.

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Re: TPA Relative Photon Polarizations

Post by kennethruud » 11 Apr 2020, 13:02


The two photons given in the expression for the linear polarization are both parallel to each other.

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