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Post by koput » 23 Mar 2016, 13:52

in the Lucita module, there is a limit of 30 orbitals per space and symmetry - MXTSOB set in lucita/ to 30.
Is it possible to overcome this limit?
The comment in the mxpdim file "CSK parameter (MXTSOB = 50)" suggests that it could be enlarged to 50. However, when I naively tried to comment this line out, the code died due to the segmentation error (opensuse 42.1, ifort & icc, int64, mkl=sequential). With MXTSOB=30, the code works just fine.
I would greatly appreciate any advice.

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Re: Lucita MXTSOB

Post by stefan » 23 Mar 2016, 14:10

Dear Jacek,

in principle you can change it to 50 and the code should still work (It's my comment in the .h file ;)).
Could you please post your output file and any standard error/output file if available?
Anyways, what would be the required value of MXTSOB to get your calculation going? I would first try to increase MXTSOB to that value before using a number that may be too large (50 for example) and causing problems.
with best regards,

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