How to unpack these files

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How to unpack these files

Post by xiongyan21 » 13 Nov 2014, 05:50

Some files in /dalton/test . e.g., ECD.tst, cannot be unpacked by ./ECD.tst.
How to unpack them?
This file is from earlier Dalton, and has not been updated
Thank you very much.
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Re: How to unpack these files

Post by arnfinn » 13 Nov 2014, 09:09

You can either go into the ECD.tst file and copy the dal and mol files from there by hand, or you can run the test (in the test folder) with

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./ --dalton /home/$USER/dalton-release/build-2013.4/dalton --keep --list ECD
where you point to the dalton script with --dalton. The files you want will then be put in a folder called something like perl-pid.51877__2014_11_13__8.59/

There might be a better way. Maybe it is possible to run the perl script without running the actual calculation, but I do not know perl...

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